Pastoral & Finance Councils

  • Pastoral Council

    The Pastoral Council extends to all matters pertaining to the pastoral activities, promoting prayer, growth in faith, and faith sharing among ourselves and the larger parish community. Other objectives of the council include planning for the future needs of the parish and evaluating parish programs in light of pastoral needs and obligations. This group also reviews, plans, and evaluated the pastoral activities of the parish and its ministries, setting forth practical conslusions so as to conform the life and actions of the people of God with the Gospel and the traditions of the Catholic Church.

    Every three years, the council is drawn by lots trusted in the spirit of God.

  • Finance Council

    The Finance Council is established to promote and enhance the sound administration of the fiscal resources of our Parish, including carrying out the tasks entrusted to it under the Code of Cannon Law and diocesan norms. The council is appointed by the pastor based on interest to serve.